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Updates: Enhanced Indian Pony Chronology

We've added new pages and pictures to our Indian Pony Chronology, including new pictures of Chinook, Halayi and Shasta Moon. Visit our Indian ponies of four decades!

Indian Pony Chronology

Survey results so far

After reading several of the emails that our readers have sent, I thought it might be a good time to share the survey results with you. The survey is available on our blog, and if you would like to fill it out please do!

Horse Seller's Survey

Without filling up four pages of information from the results, I'll give you the highlights of what we have found.

  • 86.4% of those doing the survey have model horses to sell
  • 72.7% have sold online before
  • 75% sell on eBay or other auction sites
  • Only 6.7% feel they get full value when they sell
  • 86.4% would like access to proven marketing techniques
  • 59.1% would like to be part of an exclusive group of sellers to share idea's
Then we have comments ranging from “I'm just beginning” to “problems with eBay” to challenges on deciding which ones to sell. Of course there are the comments like “great job”, “Thanks for the help!” and “Please replace eBay!” Not sure we can do that one….

If you fit into any one of those categories; don't feel alone, others are there with you. Take your time and learn all you can. And of course if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. It is by talking and communicating that questions get answered, fears are resolved, and each of us are given the power to move forward.

Today's article: Do you have a plan for Breyerfest?

The past few weeks we have been talking about BreyerFest, covering a few of the models that are being released (we'll get a couple more in today) and the Celebration Model “Roxy”.

Roxy is the Breyerfest 2009 Celebration Horse

And as we all know, there is a cost to going to BreyerFest. Everything from the tickets to the motel and food not to mention the purchase of models you simply can't live without. However, how many of you are facing a challenge this year because of the economy? I'm sure there are quite a few. So here are just a few suggestions to try and help, including some novel ideas you could "make money" while at Breyerfest or after:

First the basics: Set your budget and stick to it.

Many people purchase models while at BreyerFest and list those for sale while still there. They list while the emotions are still running hot and the excitement is high.

However, even this is becoming more and more competitive. So think “outside” the box.

  • What about taking video of some of the horses that are performing? Burn that video to a CD and sell the CD with the Model.Just make sure that the CD is high quality.
  • And what about special pictures and autographs? Can you get high quality photos that can be framed? Offer these with the models you purchase for resale as well.
  • Interview some of the volunteers and get the “inside scoop” from their perspective
  • Offer to pickup models for others. Just make sure you have a timeline in place and know what you can do.

There are so many options that are available for Collectors to take advantage of. Hopefully these few ideas will get you started so that you will be able to enjoy going to BreyerFest without worry.

Now for a couple more releases that will be available this year…..

There is a special Five Gaiter Model this year for those of you who collect this tried and true mold. His name is “Gala” and he is a Transparent Decorator model done in blues, greens and purple colors. He is sure to add some spice to a Five Gaiter Conga Line!

And for you porcelain Collectors, there is a new Shire Model named Party Time. He is done in a very attractive dapple gray with darker knees and variegated darker/lighter mane and tail. There has only been one other Porcelain Shire every released and that was in 1993. The first Shire was a Bay with black points, white markings and silver shoes.

Breyer is also trying to revive an older mold; the Quarter Horse Gelding. Now he may not be at the top of the list of popular models, however, Breyer has gone out of their way to make him tempting.

He comes in a Bay Appaloosa, Palomino, and Chestnut/Sorrel Pinto - each color having its own colored halter. To help build the excitement; you won't know which one you get until you unwrap the “birthday present”. And of course they add that “there may be some extra special surprises thrown in” as well. (Quote from JAH)

Hmmmm, just like them isn't it?!

Reminder: Mastermind Call Tonight

News: For those of you who are taking part in the Tele-Seminar Series, Breyer Master Mind don't forget the next class is tonight - 6:00pm PST 9:00pm EST. We will be covering packaging safely and return guarantees. How these two things can make a difference in your sales. So have your questions ready and we'll have fun! See you there.

Mastermind Group Call

Until next time; keep imagining and keep collecting.


Breyer Horse Collectors