For the 2009 Breyerfest, Roxy is the Selection!

The preparations for the 2009 BreyerFest is already under way.

Along with the Model Horse Show classes, teaching and training for customizing, their incredible auction and real horse shows, there is always a Celebration Horse that is highlighted. And in my humble opinion, this year, Reeves International made an incredible pick for the Celebration Horse and model.

The BreyerFest 2009 Celebration Horse is “Whizards Baby Doll”, aka Roxy, who is ridden by Stacy Westfall. Roxy is an American Quarter Horse who has won numerous titles and championships with Stacy as well as Stacy's husband Jesse Westfall. Westfall Horsemanship and Roxy

I'm thrilled with this choice, as Roxy is an American Quarter Horse, (we raise Quarter Horses), she is black, one of my favorite colors.

When you watch the video, you will see true Horsemanship at its finest. This is the type of Horsemanship and Training we encourage and use with our Quarter Horses.

The demonstration between Stacy Westfall and Whizards Baby Doll, is simply amazing. And there are so many things each of us can learn from just watching this performance. Things like, communication, passion, persistence and dedication. So I encourage you; clear your mind, get quiet, sit back and relax before you press “play”. Allow yourself to enjoy the rush of adrenalin that will come watching this performance; and be sure to listen to the music as well.

And when you are done, ask yourself a few questions. Am I living my life with passion? Do I have the persistence to grow and train that passion? Am I willing to push ahead in spite of the fear to realize my dreams? If the answer is “no”, then why not? Breyer focuses on the passion between horse and human and celebrates that relationship each year with their BreyerFest models.

When you pay attention to the level of communication between Stacy and Roxy, you can't help but witness a complete understanding. That understanding not only came with a great horse who has a great mind; it also took diligence and work. And because of that diligence and hard work that Stacy applied, we are all able to enjoy her performance with Roxy. They will, of course be performing at BreyerFest.

Thank you Stacy.

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