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December is usually one of the busiest months for everyone and for us here at Breyer Horse Collectors it is no different. I myself have been busy listing on our eBay store More Than Equine, packing and shipping as well as writing. Kathy has been super busy reconstructing pages on BHC to make it easier for each of our visitors to find what they are looking to buy.

You can take a look at some of the changes here on one of our Breyer Christmas pages:

Father Christmas and Glittery

We also realized that we had a several pages dedicated to Breyer Holiday Horses and more! So we put together a "collection page" so you can find all of them.

Breyer Christmas Collection

Why are the Breyer Christmas Models so collectible? Well besides the consideration for the time of year they are geared towards, they are also called a “mid-year” release which means they are only made for 6 months. You can find many dealers offering what is called pre-sales of these models sometimes as early as July or August. These particular Models just seem to warm the heart and inspire the imagination of Collectors during the biggest Holiday Season.

Breyer has also been creating Christmas ornaments since the late '90s that have been popular as well, giving Collectors a variety in price ranges to choose from. Usually you can find an ornament that is a smaller version of the Traditional release, say for example as a Stirrup Ornament. So whatever the price range or size, you should be able to find a Breyer to fit into your Christmas Season as well.

Breyer Christmas Ornaments

I have to say, I do think these larger links are soooo much easier to see as well as find the type of listings that you are looking for when buying a Model Horse. So take a look around and let us know your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you.

Also, looking at the calendar tells us that the next Breyer SpotLight would be scheduled to go out on New Year's Eve Day. So to make sure we do not interrupt you celebrations of the coming year, we will send the next newsletter out on December 30th. And until then: We wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas & A Very Happy Safe New Year!!

Prizes for the Model Horse Show

Today's article is our last one in a series by Diane Maccani. If you have not seen the rest of them, you can catch up by looking into the archives of the Breyer SpotLight, there is a link at the bottom of this email. Diane has been sharing with us the “how to's” of setting up a Model Horse Show and what she has experienced. Why not get out and enjoy the passion and excitement by showing? And if there is not a show in your area - create one like Diane did.

In the next ezine we will focus on customizing Model horses, what to ask and what to look for when ordering a commissioned model….

Prizes for the Model Horse Show

If you take the time and effort to show your model horses, you'd like to win prizes to commemorate your accomplishments. Model shows, like real horse shows, do give prizes. Unless you are fortunate enough to have most of your prizes donated, it will be the biggest expense of putting on a model show.

Most of model shows award flat ribbons for first through fifth or sixth place in each class. Occasionally, a show may give rosettes but this is usually not the norm as budget restrictions prevent the more expensive prize ribbons. The largest NAN sanctioned show I showed at (537 entries) had a unique idea for ribbons. Instead of the flat ribbons for first through fifth, they had colored stickers of ribbons for awards. They also gave sheets you could put your ribbon stickers on with lines for the horse's name and class. The page had a plastic cover to keep everything neat and could be kept in a ring binder or a scrapbook. The idea was suggested by exhibitors who said it would be a nice way to keep and display their awards. It was very popular with the showmen at that show.

Grand Champion awards are given to the best entry in each division. These awards usually are rosettes, either purple or tri-colored. Sometimes a show will have trophies or plaques instead of the rosettes.

It's a nice idea to have something special for the youth only classes. A cute idea at a show I attended was little wooden trophies made just for the kid's classes. They were wooden cutouts of horses attached to wooden bases. A fancy gold-edged sticker with the name of the class was attached to the base. The trophies stood about four inches tall. The youth exhibitors loved them and they were inexpensive to make.

Model horses also are given as prizes at some of the larger shows. They are usually champion awards or special awards. Tack stores that sell models may be willing to donate a model or two as a prize, thereby saving the show committee the expense of buying them. Model accessories can also be given as prizes and will not be as expensive to purchase as a model would be.

Gift certificates and discount coupons from tack stores who sell models are always popular ideas. These prizes work well if the exhibitors at your show are mainly from your immediate area and shop at the stores supplying the awards.

No matter what your entry wins as a prize, remember the best prize you can get while showing model horses is the satisfaction that you did a good job. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Diane Maccani is a lifelong horseman and the author of a thirteen book series, What the Cowgirls Do! Her books take you into the 'real world' of showing, rodeo, and ranching in today's horse industry. Check out her website: for more information about the series. Now is the time to plan your Christmas giving. A book/books from the series is a perfect gift for all the horse lovers on your list.

Until next time, keep imagining!


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