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We have a new Featured Collector! Our new Featured Collector is Belinda Kranz of Australia, owner of Crawford Park Stud. Belinda has also graciously helped us with some photos of custom models as well as the '06 Lady Phase Treasure Hunt models.

Belinda Kranz: Collector and Customizer.

The Lady Phase Treasure Hunt page.

Belinda's web site.

And if you would like to showcase some of your collection, you can fill in the application.

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I had intended on writing about some of the Vintage models for this ezine. However it seems as though there is more and more misunderstanding about the issue of insurance coverage when shipping a model. Thus it seems that this subject needs to be cleared up for both Buyers as well as Sellers that buy and sell on eBay.

There have been some changes…

Article: Treasure Hunt Mysteries

I believe I have gone over this information in the past at some point in time. However with the changes in the eBay rules, and all the MIS-information that is out there, I felt I needed to clarify a few things.

It used to be when you bought or sold on eBay the Buyer always had the choice of insuring their package or not. This put the responsibility on the Buyer. In the past year however, this has changed. EBay no longer offers that to the Buyer, there is not a place to “add insurance” to the purchase.

This is what it means to the Seller. Okay, the Seller is not required to put insurance on a package. But the Seller MUST GUARANTEE that the item WILL get to the Buyer in ADVERTISED condition. This puts the responsibility of insurance coverage in the hands of the Seller. Hmmm, sound familiar?

The insurance is for the protection of the Seller, always has been. Say for example you sell a model for $100 plus $10 shipping. The Buyer pays and you ship using great packaging. But somewhere along the way the package takes a detour or gets wet and squished. The model inside is broken when the Buyer finally receives it.

According to the new eBay policies, you as the Seller must reimburse the Buyer the entire amount including the shipping. If you purchased insurance coverage great! If not, you will be paying out $110 to an unhappy buyer out of your own pocket.

And it does not help to put in your add “if you want insurance….” Because the Buyer can say “no” and still hold you responsible if the item is not received in advertised condition. By making this statement above, you open yourself to more risk.

What this means to Buyers…. Well guys, you will have to get used to paying for higher shipping cost because of insurance coverage. It's that simple. Using the Postal scale to insure anything $50 or less is $1.75 and it climbs from there. For more expensive models it is simply not an option, at least not for a wise purchase or sale.

Even with GREAT packaging things can happen and contents destroyed. Packaging of course will help to a certain extent, but it's not fool proof.

Read my suggestions about packaging models.

I do hope this clears up some of the details about “Who” is responsible for insurance coverage. And if you see or know of anyone who doesn't understand - please pass the word, share the information. Hopefully by doing this we can make and keep this hobby enjoyable for everyone involved.

Next time I'll be writing about either the New Just About Horses model Alvaro. (He is the 42nd edition of the Connoisseur Series and is done on the always popular Mustang mold.) Or I may cover some details on a few vintage ones… haven't quite decided yet.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week! Until next time, enjoy your Collecting!


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