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  • Updates: Thank you for understanding.
  • News: Breaking News - 2010 Treasure Hunt is Sold Out!
  • Article: Pictures Really Are Worth a Thousand Words.

Updates: Thank you for understanding

In the last Breyer SpotLight we had a simple typo of sorts in the title. The title of the article from the previous SpotLight was mistakenly left in and not replaced with the new one. Ooops. Things like that do happen when a person has been up and working hard for way too long. Thank you so much for understanding.

In spite of our “typo”, we still had readers write in about the content with appreciation and encouragement. To each of you – we thank you. Apparently the information of insurance coverage with eBay was long overdue and on the minds of more Collectors than we thought. So thank you for your kind words and we are so glad we were able to help clear up any misunderstanding on “who” is responsible.

If you missed the last Breyer SpotLight and would like to know more, or would like to refresh your understanding a bit, you can do so here.

Spotlight Issue #40.

News: Breaking News – 2010 Treasure Hunt is Sold Out!

There are reports from Breyer Dealers that the Reeves International Warehouse is “Sold out” of the 2010 Treasure Hunt models! I received this information from one of the distributors who had very successfully obtained many Pre-Orders on the complete Treasure Hunt sets.

What does this mean for Collectors? At the very least it means that you will be waiting for your Treasure Hunt models if placed on a “pre-order” basis through a dealer. It may also mean that Breyer will put together some outstanding models to make up for their mishap. OR it may mean that in the hurry up of production to catch up, some of the models may not be as blemish free as they should be.

From what I understand, this “sold out” status applies to ALL of the Treasure Hunt models, Winter included. I have sent in for two Winter models, almost a month ago and have yet to receive either of them…. Time will tell what will happen. I do hope that Breyer does not let us down on this one.

You can see the 2010 Treasure Hunt models here on their new page we have just finished. We’ll be adding pictures of the Winter models as soon as we get them… hopefully very soon.

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 - Four Seasons

Article: Pictures really are worth a thousand words

Something else that has come to my attention repeatedly is how much good or bad pictures affect a listing of a model. So many times I see listings with simply awful pictures of great models and wonder… “What is the actual condition or is it in fact the real deal??”

So here are a few things for both buyers and sellers to keep in mind when considering a listing:

  • Every monitor will have a different color set up, as will the camera that is used for the picture. This will change how the photo of the model is seen. It may be a white model, and appear white on your own monitor, but on others can appear gray or yellow. The opposite is also true.
  • Proper lighting is absolutely vital to see the model accurately. When you take photos of models outside, it may look great on your computer, but most likely will not on others because of the difference in monitors as well as the shadows that you cannot control.
  • When taking pictures of a glossy model, OR a Vintage Gold tone model, do not use your flash. Use only natural light settings in a variety of positions to show the condition of the model. Otherwise the model will appear washed out or even a different color. Not having the correct light setting can also hide the true condition.

These are also important things to consider when looking at purchasing a rare vintage model. The obvious reason of course is related to over all condition. However, there is also every now and then a time when an artist decides they will try and “copy” a rare model. The standard in the hobby is that when this is done, the artist must sign the model, or in some way make it a bit different than the original.

However, sometimes you may come across a model that was sold at one time as a “copy” but has changed hands through the years and the true story was lost. And now with the economy as tough as it is, people are quick to react to finding and selling a “treasure” without doing the proper research.

So be careful when considering the purchase of a “rarity” on-line. Buy from a person or seller you know you can trust. Ask about the history of the model as well as about a return guarantee if it is not as advertised.

I hope this helps you prepare for some of the purchases of great models out there as well as being able to represent honestly the models you are selling. And I am hoping that next time we will have pictures and information about some more JAH models for you.

Until then, enjoy your Collecting!

Breyer Horse Collectors