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  • Alvaro - JAH Connoisseur Model
  • A look back

Alvaro - JAH Connoisseur Model

My, is it spring already? As we approach summer all sorts of activities spring into high gear. Foals are born, spring fairs spring up overnight.

We've been so busy that we have neglected you, our readers, by getting this ezine out late. Well late is better than never and we hope to make up for it, with new pictures to share. Alavaro, the 42nd connoisseur JAH model, is a beautiful sooty palomino semi rearing mustang with sabino markings. To see more about Alvaro and a few notes defining what sabino markings are, check out our new page!

JAH Alvaro, Connoisseur Model

A look back

Isn't it fun to take a look back once in a while? We read through some of our old ezines and picked one from March 2009 to re-share selected parts with you. A couple of oldies but goodies.

Remembering .. VRE!

Deb Marshall shares her experience with the Breyer Velvet Rope Event! Along with pictures of some wonderful hard to find Breyer Models available only at the VRE!

If you are wondering how people find these types of Models that are so challenging to come up with; read Deb's story and you will find out one way of "how".

Deb Marshall experiences VRE

Remembering .. Vintage page opens for comments!

We have just opened our first “Breyer Communication Page!” On this page you, the visitors to Breyer Horse Collectors, are able to share your thoughts, idea's, opinions as well as pictures of your Models! You can respond to another post as well as submit your own personal thoughts.

This is a wonderful way for Collectors to keep in touch, ask questions, offer idea's and build friendships. Just a thought, but isn't this kind of how Face Book and My Space started out? Hmmmm

It is super easy to use and you do NOT have to be a computer wizard to take part.

For this very first Communication page we have selected discussions on Vintage Models. There seems to be many different opinions on what makes a Vintage Breyer Model vintage. And they are one of the most popular for Collectors of all ages so it was a perfect fit.

Check out our first page here and read through the first post by Gina Grenier concerning what makes a Vintage Model, well, Vintage. Then let us know if you agree by submitting your thoughts along with your pictures of your very own Vintage Breyer Models. (Pictures are not required)

Tell us, what makes a breyer vintage!

Note: We had so many comments that we actually split this page into two! Click on the link down at the bottom to see more comments and to add your own.

Breyer Horse Collectors