Breyer Mustang JAH - Alvaro!

42nd Connoisseur Just About Horses Model

Alvaro - Sooty Palomino with Sabino markings, Bi-Colored Eyes and Tail

JAH Alvaro - Connoisseur Alvaro, a Breyer Mustang JAH Model, is the 42nd Connoisseur in the series released in 2010. He is featured in the January-February issue of Just About Horses magazine and was designed by Karen Williams. Alvaro is created from a sculpture by Christian Hess known as the "Mustang” or "Semi-Rearing Mustang" first released in 1961 as "Diablo" in a glossy alabaster.

More about the Breyer Mustang Model

The Mustang model has been used by Breyer as a BreyerFest Celebration Horse in 1992, (Turbo the Wonder Horse), a BreyerFest Volunteer Model in 1996(Merlyn), and three times as a BreyerFest Special - in 2000 (Sarsparilla), in 2004 (Descaro) and in 2008 as the "Brumby" from the "World Tour" BreyerFest.

JAH Alvaro with COA Breyerfest and the Celebration Models

This is the first time the popular Mustang mold has been used as a Connoisseur model.

Just About Horses and more Connoisseur Models

Each Connoisseur model comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a blue velvet bag and each is also hand numbered on the bottom of one of its hooves. (The model pictured is number 088/350.)

More about Sabino horses

JAH Alvaro Closeup "Sabino horses usually have four white feet and white legs. The white usually extends up the legs in ragged patches, and then extends onto the horse's body from the belly. The head is usually fairly white, and the eyes are commonly blue." ... APHA article on Sabino spotting

"Sabino occurs in many breeds including Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Akhal Tekes, Tennessee Walking horses, Spanish Mustangs, Quarter Horses, and Morgans. In fact there are few breeds in which Sabino is absent, Icelandic Horses being one. Some breeds such as the Gelderland are almost exclusively sabinos, having the large facial white, chin-spot and high leg white. Shires and Clydesdales are exclusively sabino, though the markings may be limited to white face and leg markings." ... Courtesy of

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