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Personal Note from Bonnie: Winter is on its way ...

hope all of you have had a great summer! I know it seems as though it has passed way too quickly. We, like many of you, are preparing for winter, getting things water hoses and sprinklers packed away, winterizing the car, and the list goes on.

In the last month or two we have had several questions come through on our survey about selling Breyer Models. And while we are all very busy right now, I didn't want to miss answering these questions. Remember you still have time to prepare for the biggest selling season if you start right now. Christmas.


We have another new Featured Collector of the Month - Brandi Cooper! Brandi has been collecting Breyer models for over ten years and has built quite a collection.

You can see what she has on her shelves here:

Brandi's collection

And while you're there, why not send in your application?

Now for today's article……

Article: Is the Breyer Market "Unpredictable"?

It would be foolish to say that the market has not changed in the past few years. When I take a look at the Google Analytics there has been a steady decline of searches for Breyer Models. And really, if we're honest with ourselves when people are being laid off from work and still have bills to pay, it only makes sense.

So let's address the issue of the “unpredictable” market.

First, just because the market may be declining doesn't mean it is unpredictable. Yes it is lower than a few years ago and yes there may be greater challenges when selling than a few years ago. But those in themselves do not make the market unpredictable. They simply make the marketing challenging.

How can I say this? Well fairly simply. How many of you have heard that the “Christmas Season brings in the greatest amount of sales for Retailers”? This has not changed and I doubt it ever will. It holds true whether the economy is in a recession or growing like crazy. People spend more money during the Christmas Season.

So very simply; sales of Breyer Models will increase starting in or around the beginning of November and last until Christmas. And don't forget the after Christmas sales. However PLEASE remember that there is work to do in order to bring in the sales return you desire. It won't happen by itself, it takes you to plan and design the steps to take.

The idea is this: When you are selling your Breyer Models, you are competing with retailers. So why not use the same information they do? Study them, see what they do, does it work? Can you use that when you sell your models? Test it and find out.

And please remember - it takes time to build traffic. Thus you must start now if you have not done so yet.

In case you have not seen them, here are a few links to Breyer Horse Collectors that address information about selling. I would also encourage you to read through the information for Buyers. There will be questions that they will have and if you can answer them before they are asked it may just make a difference of a sale or no sale.

Selling Breyer Horses

Also, I feel I would be amiss if I didn't share this link with you. This tool has been one of the greatest resources for selling on eBay.

eBay Research Tools

Now next time we will address the issue of how to set you apart from the crowd. Everyone is selling their models right now; so how do you stand out in the crowd without looking like a used car salesman? It's really quite simple.

To be continued….

Until next time, enjoy your Collection!


Breyer Horse Collectors