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Silver, Rawhide and HammerTap

  • News: New Featured Collector of the Month.
  • Updates: New pages: Silver, Rawhide, and Hammer Tap
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News: New Featured Collector

We have a new Featured Breyer Horse Collector! Check out Collector Conni Wireman's page. She has just a “few” wonderful hard to find Models that so many Collectors are looking for. (Check out her Rare PAM.)

Conni's collection

Congratulations Conni!

If you would like to have a page of your own like Conni does, remember to send your photos with your application. You could be the next one with a new page - but we need those pictures.

Updates: Silver, Rawhide and Blog!

We have created some new pages for your enjoyment. Featured on these pages are some popular models that are consistently in the favorite top ten on Pony Lagoon. Take a look and see what you can find.

Rawhide the Wild Appaloosa Mustang
Silver Hidalgo

Also, don't forget to check out our new Blog! [link to] I am going to try and focus the content on the blog more towards selling. This way when I learn something new or have another great idea - you don't have to wait to know. However, you do have to read the blog and sign up for emails when there is a new post.

I have written up a review for Hammer Tap. This is so exciting for me to be able to share this tool with you! If you are a serious seller on eBay you owe it to yourself to learn more.

Review of eBay research tool, HammerTap

Article: - Are you going?

In just a few days most, if not all of us will be celebrating Easter.

And even though it seems like it was just Christmas, spring is on the way. And so is BreyerFest. Even though it is a few months off yet, the sale on the 3 day tickets will be ending on April 24th. You can find the BreyerFest ticket page on their website: Breyer

BreyerFest seems to have the “hold” on the biggest Model Horse Show ever. And rightfully so. With everything that happens there is it any wonder? Visit our page on the 2009 Breyer Celebration Model.

2009 BreyerFest Celebration Model - Roxy

(Make sure you watch her video and listen to the music as well.) From what I have been told, Roxy and Stacy will be performing at BreyerFest. I am not sure if it will be the same routine with the same song, or if Stacy has changed it a bit for this event. So we will wait and see.

Have you seen the other Models that will be released at BreyerFest? There doesn't seem to be as many as last year, but the special releases they do have are fantastic. There are several I would love to add to my personal Collection. And we have no idea of the other surprises may be in store; Breyer is always full of mystery just to keep us all coming back.

And if you are looking for a Model that is super hard to find, BreyerFest is a wonderful starting place. With so many Collectors in one place for one event who are willing to sell or trade Models, you may just find that “one” or two… or more that you have been looking for.

One word of caution: - If you are going to buy, know exactly what you are looking for. Know that particular Model inside and out, every detail that you can get a hold of. Also, decide before you go what you are willing to spend. Then stick to it. This way you won't be sorry.

And most importantly; Have Fun!! That is what it is all about.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

PS: If anyone is planning on going to BreyerFest, let us know. We may be looking for some good quality pictures as well as stories to add to our BreyerFest page. We would love to see your new additions to your Collection. Thank you again and we will talk soon.