Beth Hales

Featured Breyer Horse Collector

Beth Hales was inspired by her grandfather to collect Breyer Horses while she was growing up. She carefully built her collection with her grandfather as a child and has treasured the memories. Check out her picture of Spud Spider (her favorite) and more why she remembers her collecting years fondly.

Check out her picture of Spud Spider (her favorite) and more why she remembers her collecting years fondly.

Beth loved horses and dreamed of working with them. She followed her dreams and graduated from college with a degree in Equine Science and Equine Business Management.

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Beth tells us "I am actually selling my entire collection (50+), and would like to sell it all together if possible. Most of the models range from 80s to early 90s and I have eight or nine limited editions. They are in excellent condition and almost all of them are stored in their original boxes. I would be interested in trade possibilities if there are collectors out there with mule/donkey models they would part with. (I now own and train only mules and donkeys, so would be interesting in building a small collection of them). Please email me for a complete collection list."

Beth shared with us some selected pictures of her collection.

American Quarter Horse Limited Editions

From Left to Right

497AQHA Ideal American QH Limited Edition 1995 (NIB)
498AQHA American Quarter Horse Limited Edition 1996 (NIB)

Roy Belgian, Silver Quarter, Man O'War, Pluto and John Henry

From Left to Right

455Roy Belgian Draft Mold
700097Silver Quarter Horse Limited Edition 1989 (QH Gelding Mold)
47Man O'War Mold
475Pluto Mold
445John Henry

Chaparral Limited Edition, CIPS Paso Fino, Dan Patch, Gem Twist, Mustang mold

From Left to Right

855Chaparral Limited Edition 1992 (Fighting Stallion Mold)
116CIPS Paso Fino Limited Edition 1987 (El Pastor Mold)
819Dan Patch (Pacer Mold)
495Gem Twist
118American Mustang mold

Bluegrass Foal, Rumbling Thunder, Silver Comet, Wing Commander, Tennessee Walking Horse

From Left to Right

865Bluegrass Foal (Running Foal Mold)
879Rumbling Thunder (Running Stallion Mold)
700594Silver Comet Show Special 1994 (with Certificate)
140Wing Commander (Five Gaiter Mold)
704Tennessee Walking Horse

Fugir Cacador, Khemosabi, Llanarth Tru Briton, Fresian

From Left to Right

870Fugir Cacador Limited Edition 1993 (Foundation Stallion Mold)
494 Llanarth Tru Briton, Champion Welsh Cob
3170Circus Extravaganza Gift Set

And more Breyers.....

More of Beth's collection:
833 Dream Weaver Limited Edition 1992
817 Abdullah Limited Edition 1989
700097 Silver Quarter Horse Limited Edition 1989
710 American Indian Pony
117 Project Universe
220 Proud Arabian Foal Dapple Gray
57 Western Horse Palomino
3045 Quarter Horse Family (set of 3)
947 Bond Snippet
67 San Domingo Medicine Hat
496 Aristocrat Hackney
230 Stock Horse Mare
66 Stud Spider
68 Legionario III
300 Bay Jumping Horse
806 Proud Arab Foal
895 Bright Socks (Foal)
898 Martin's Dominique (Foal)
915 Kentuckiana
465 Roemer
856 Shire Mare
900 Vandergelder
864 Tic Toc
878 Double Take
868 Highland Clydesdale
869 Lakota
867 Tesoro
3095 Brenda Breyer
802 Fade to Gray

If you are interested in Beth's collection please email her at

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