Breyer Red-Eyed Mustang Horses

Vintage Rearing Models from the 60s

White Rearing Breyer Horse Mustang

These photos are of the original version of Breyer Red-Eyed Mustang Models that were released starting in 1961-1966.

They are two separate models, both with red eyes.

I love these vintage models to inspire the imagination and having them around is a reminder of a simpler time which can be a comfort in these uncertain times.

Beige Rearing Breyer Horse Mustang

Notice how the model with the blue background has more of a "glow" to his eye than the model with the red background. In fact the redness of the eye for both models is the same.

A side note for the definition of red eye: The eye is not actually red per say, but a brownish red and will at time, have like a glow around the outside of the eye itself as seen in the pictures above. When you compare a red eye to a black eye, there is no question.

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