Breyerfest Alborozo - 2008 Celebration Model

2008 BreyerFest Celebration Alb orozoEvery year, there is a Breyerfest Celebration model. For 2008 it was Alborozo; an outstanding Andalusian stallion who performed flawless Dressage movements with his trainer/owner Avi Cohen of Kilimanjaro Ranch in Malibu CA.

Breyer took an adventurous risk in the announcement that they are breaking the mold of Alborozo after the 2008 event was over. There will be no more like this one made, ever. However, knowing Breyer, there are usually exceptions to the rules. At the auction, one and only one model, made on the Alborozo mold was auctioned off. This one was done in a beautiful Palomino color, custom painted by Karen Williams and went for precisely $13,500! The money was donated to three charities.

Breyerfest Alborozo Keepsake box

We have made Alborozo's image available for a much more reasonable cost, you can purchase his image on a keepsake box, a sweatshirt,on a package of 20 greeting cards, or even on an ornament for your Christmas tree!

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