Fury Conga Line Vintage

by Robyn-baddogacresrescue
(Northeast, Ohio )

Robyns Fury Conga Line

Robyns Fury Conga Line

Hi y'all!
It's so wonderful to see all the familar names! Wonderful people whom I've met through ebay and fellow collectors! Hi to Lisa, Gina, Celia and of course to my Breyer expert and Big Al nurse, Bonnie!
Vintage...Well, I would agree with the dictionary version of vintage being at least 25 years old. But what about the term "antique" or "historic"? Can something be a little bit of all of these? I think it depends on the item in reference as well as the person describing it. Example: My motorcycle is considered "antique" but my house is "historic".
When I think of vintage Breyers or when I open my very old box of my own oldies, my memories return to Christmas day, wrapped in a warm blanket, oozing with excitement to see which one I would receive, surrounded by loved ones that I've now lost. I think it's more than just a number. It's "nostalgia". Not just age, but those cherished memories.
I can only hope the Breyers I am collecting today (as well as my oldies housed in the old smelly box LOL) will be cherished by my kids. I hope they too, will open the box and remember "our crazy 'ole breyer collectin' mom" and fill their hearts with joy!
Robyn Fox

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Mar 18, 2009
by: Lisa Toye

Hi Robyn! You hit it right on the head when referring to the memories... I too have lost many precious people in my life already, including both my parents. Both of them were major contributors to my Breyer collection while I was growing up and my Mom even continued giving them to me until she passed away. I got Breyers for every occassion including Christmas, birthdays, and even graduation! I look at those special models that I got from all my special family members and friends and all those wonderful, warm memories come flooding back. I will never part with those particular horses in this lifetime. Breyers are so much more than a chunk of plastic.

Mar 17, 2009
Fury's are welcome too!
by: Bonnie

Hi Robyn,
Glad you could "make it"! I found a picture of your Conga line you had sent for the Collector of the Month and used that one. Hope that is okay. Although the Fury Model has never been one that I have collected; I think I have what many Fury Collectors would consider a "crown jewel". It is a music box Fury created sooo many years ago and would certainly be considered a Vintage Fury Model. Right now he is in "surgery" as both of his ears broke and needed repair. I'll let you know when I get him back after the recovery period. :-) And of course I will add him to this page as well.
Have fun and take care of those horses!

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