Rain & Terrang - Breyer Models

by Brennah
(Somewhere in the USA )

Hiya! I'm Brennah, here to tell you about my Breyer models, Rain & Seabiscuit! Look below to see things about them!

-Gender - Mare
-Coat - A light chesnut Tobiano
-Mane & Tail - Flaxen (like blonde for horses)
-Eyes - Periwinkle? Lol.
-Size - Classic (she's from the Classics Spirit Family)
-Mold - Andalusian Mare
-Condition - I very horribly customed her a while ago, the I removed that paint and went back to her original paint. She still has a few little black spots in her mane & tail, but, heck. Get it out later. XD So, her condition is very well, other than a few major & minor scuffs.

-Gender - Stallion
-Coat - Dark Bay
-Mane & Tail - Black
-Eyes - Blackish brown
-Size - Classic
-Mold - Terrang (thats a discontinued mold!)
-Condition - Very bad...sadly. Paint job is scuffed & scratched, ears are half broken, and his left-back leg broke off when I dropped him on the sidewalk. I felt HORRIBLE. Now, I have to lean him in the corner of his shoebox stall. XD (I only have four Breyers and nothing else for the horses, so...yea.) So his condition, I would say, is, bad.

Thanks for reading!

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