Think about You

by Emily Novak
(Marietta, GA 30066 United States)

This isn't mine my mom had it when she was young and now I have it

This isn't mine my mom had it when she was young and now I have it

To be a vintage Breyer if you are older then me (middle school) well a lot older then me it has to be one of the first one you got, or maybe it's something old and special from when you broke your leg while going to school.
or maybe if your my age it's the first old Breyer model that you got, or when you finally saved up enough money to pay your aunt for her old glossy Clydesdale.
But for everyone It needs to be special from your heart. It can't just be some old horse you bought off eBay it has to be special to you. It may be the pride you have in this old model form finally finding it. Maybe it's how you know that way back when, you had good times with it. Maybe your precious memory with it is finally getting your mom to go to a store to get that new Breyer model that you've been begging for weeks. maybe its special because you had to take care of people's pets the whole month so you could afford that new glossy mustang.

All I know it has to be old and precious to you

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Oct 28, 2009
My favorite Breyer Model
by: Anonymous

Mine is Matrix he is just beautiful I think of him as a vintage model. I have such a strong love for him, just like the horse at where I ride he;s for sale, and I always look up to him!

You rule Matrix and Dobbson!

Sep 21, 2009
Well said!
by: Bonnie

It thrills my heart to see your post as well as your insight. It proves that the magic of the Breyer Models can, do and will touch multi-generations. And I think you are the youngest Collector to comment, at least thus far. Good for you for being active in your Collecting!
The stories are so similar for each one of us die hard Collectors, some of the details may vary, but the passion is the same. These are things that only Collectors understand, it doesn't matter the age of the model or when it was produced. It is the memories they inspire and the imagination they encourage that matters.
So let your imagination go and keep enjoying your Collecting! You may inspire others along the way...

Sep 20, 2009
Precious to you
by: Lisa Toye

Well put! Although you could classify me as vintage (by Breyer standards anyway!), I wasn't born yet when they produced the first ones that I find so enchanting... and the Glossies are among my favorites! It sounds like you are like I was when I was growing up - saving up for new Breyers and asking for them for gifts (and thankfully getting them!) Now that I am an adult, through ebay and other means, I am able to hunt for, find and purchase some of the early ones that were made before my time. Each one is unique, and special to me...Keep collecting - and may you never grow out of it!

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