Vintage Breyer Mustang Horses

Buckskin Vintage MustangThere is something about the vintage breyer mustang models, that seems to tell a story the newer ones can't tell yet. There are so many little details on the models from the early years that make it a treasure hunt when you are looking for a specific variation for your collection.

These are pictures of a very early Buckskin Mustang model. The older Buckskin Mustangs are darker in color while the newer ones are lighter in color.

Buckskin Vintage Mustang

The shading is wonderful on this model. Notice how far down his "bald face extends.

The Buckskin models were made from 1961 to 1986. I have one of the later models as well from about 1980 without the pared toe and lighter coloring and less shading.

White Vintage Mustang The older Mustang models have what is called a "pared toe" or "pared hoof". At the factory the the tip of the left front hoof is sawed or sanded down before painting. The intention was to give the model stability and not rock back so easily. The newer models do not have this; their front hoof has the tip completely intact.

These photos are of the original version of the White Mustang Model that was released starting in 1961-1966.

About the Red-eyed Breyer Mustang Models